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Open Work Orders. How many are normal?

Open Work Orders. How many are normal?

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The number of open work orders is a reason of debate in almost any dealership, so let’s explore a few actions that can be taken to reduce them to a “normal” level.

For the purpose of this post, I would categorize them in the following 3 categories:

1).- Warranty related: The reason for being open is given as warranty related (i.e. waiting special authorization from the manufacturer for extra work).

Proposal: When you follow-up with the responsible, note that the reason for the W.O. not being closed, the action taken (i.e. Requested Manufacturer approval) the date expected to receive response, and follow-up if nothing has happened.

2).- Customer related: The issue here relates with the customer for some reason (i.e. “We need authorization and the client is on a trip”. The follow-up must be done and process followed to get the vehicle ready and the work order paid. If a mistake is made, then learn the lesson and see what actions need to be implemented so this situation does not happen in the future.

3).- Dealership related: Parts on back order, diagnose problems, etc. These are some of the reasons in this case. A follow-up process needs to be done. Tip: improve communication, open, honest and with the intent to resolve the issue in the best manner.

Always keep a list of the open work orders when you write a note on it. For the next meeting (recommended weekly or by-weekly). Bring the prior meeting list, and the new list. Compare notes when necessary until resolution.

Gabriel Krozkin, CPA, CGA is a dealership consultant. If you would like a complimentary initial consultation or wish to discuss the general operations of your dealership, please contact here.

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