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About Us

Why Choose Us

About Us

As a full service accounting firm we have the ability to translate your business numbers into meaningful and easy to understand information.


We produce reports that will allow you to make better informed decisions to advance your business and focus on being more profitable.


With our accounting, tax planning and payroll experience working with small and medium businesses, we are familiar with technology and cloud accounting solutions.

Long Lasting Relationships

We believe in developing long lasting relationships with our clients, helping them in different stages; whether you are starting your business, in the growing stages, or thinking of retirement.


We take the time to listen to our clients with a warm friendly approach. We offer an honest opinion and integral assistance.

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Why Krozkin? Let us do

the heavy lifting for you.

Our Team

Meet Our Professional Team

We are focused on seeing our client succeed! We are a team of accounting professionals that share a passion of making your business numbers easy to understand.

Gabriel founded the firm in 2016. The focus is making business owners lives better by helping their business thrive. Before founding this firm Gabriel worked with the largest automotive groups in Canada, helping them grow and succeed, and now he continues with the same approach in his firm: “To get the clients financial and tax situation handled in a better, more profitable way”.
A few quick facts:
Favourite movie: Family Man
Musician: Duran Duran
Hobbies: Swimming with a master swimming team, running, spending time with family and exploring new restaurants with his wife trying to discover new local spots.

Gabriel Krozkin


Maricel is an accomplished Accountant, specialized in small and medium businesses. What she likes most about her job is being able to help people sort their numbers. Knowing that data helps making better decisions is her main motivation.
Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful. Although I usually watch TV shows: Among the ones I liked the most, I could name: Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, Friends and The Big Bang Theory.
Musicians: I am passionate about international pop/rock. Guns n’ Roses, The Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam, Oasis: they’re in my top 10!
Hobby: I read a lot. All the time I look for new authors to add. I also like to go for walks because they help me “disconnect”.

Maricel Almada


I have been working with small and medium clients for 7 years, handling their tax and accounting matters and providing general administrative support. What I love most about my job is being able to assist clients based on my knowledge and experience, helping them grow and thrive in their business. I also enjoy creating new techniques and ways of working to enhance client relationships.
My favorite genre of movies is romance-drama, with any based on novels by Nicholas Sparks being among my favorites, for example, "The Notebook." As for music, I love listening to a Chilean artist named "Cami." Two hobbies I enjoy are playing field hockey with my friends and reading, especially romance novels.

Chiara Bottino