Our Team

Gabriel Krozkin

Gabriel founded the firm in 2016.

The focus is making business owners lives better by helping their business thrive.

Before founding this firm Gabriel worked with the largest automotive groups in Canada, helping them grow and succeed, and now he continues with the same approach in his firm: “To get the clients financial and tax situation handled in a better, more profitable way”.

A few quick facts:

Favourite movie: Family Man

Musician: Duran Duran

Hobbies: Swimming with a master swimming team, running, spending time with family and exploring new restaurants with his wife trying to discover new local spots.

Ivonne Calvo Vinent

Ivonne is an accountant with a generalist profile. She has a lot of experience in international companies, in which she achieved a broad business vision.
She has a proactive approach in working on solving problems and enjoys a good challenge.
Ivonne support clients in business planning, budget control, cost accounting, financial reporting, investment accounting, and human resources among others.
She is always upbeat and enthusiastic.
Also Ivonne enjoy:
Favourite movies: The Bucket List and Meet Joe Black.
Musician: Ricky Martin
Hobbies: She is a triathlete and an aspiring chef

Gabriela Galecki

Gabriela is our customer services associate, always focused on offering assistance and helping everyone. Previously she worked in different roles involved in customer care and administrative duties for travel and event companies. In our firm she assist with bookkeeping and marketing initiatives.
She likes to work in a collaborative environment and enjoys interacting with our amazing clients.
She has a positive attitude and friendly attitude and ensures that every need is addressed on time.
Also Gabriela enjoy:
Favourite movies: The Lion King, Home Alone, Green Mile, Titanic & The Parent Trap
Musicians: Queen y Bon Jovi
Hobbies: Spend time with family and friends, a good picnic, travel and watch history documentaries.

Maricel Almada

Maricel is our newest Accountant that joined our firm. She brings a wealth of knowledge and analytical skills to our team.

We look forward to hear from her on her interest that will be updated soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Glad that you asked! Getting started is easy:

  1. Fill out the contact form, Or
  2. Send us an e-mail, Or
  3. Give us a call.

We will email or call you back to customize a service plan for your business needs. We will have you running great in no time.

Good question. Do you:

Employ a full-time accounting department?
Trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)?
Plan to ask us to launder and/ or illegally shelter money?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we are not a good fit. Sorry.

Otherwise, yes! Check out our pricing profiles to figure out where you may fit.

So we’re not perfect, and we feel we should fess up to a few “drawbacks” to our team:

  1. We are mediocre at playing Hockey. (Hence, we are accountants!)
  2. We are still fans of Duran Duran.
  3. We drink an obnoxious amount of coffee. Borderline addicts.

If you can look past these flaws, we are super excited to get you on board.

We are fully committed to providing an outstanding service to all our clients.
Here’s how we do it:

  1. We develop an efficient process for your accounting needs using modern software, like Xero, Quickbooks or other solutions.
  2. We will collect a few important pieces of info to help us get your automatic bank feeds set up if possible and your invoice templates looking professional.
  3. We put your employee data into our payroll system, and that’s it – you’re done. We’ll manage the rest.

We are all about bringing things up to speed. That’s who we are! For an agreed fee, we will do catch-up accounting work to get everything in line to help your company profit and move forward.

Our Solutions

We offer solutions with the following accounting software:

Are you looking to change accountants? But not sure how to do it?

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