So you are in the retail business? We have a solution for your business.

We work with retail, professionals, restaurants and small business owners clients to enhance the profit drivers and cost control of their businesses such as:

We help them create Business Plans with modern tools like
We have the experience and patience to create modern Forecasts and budgets
Insight on Inventory management and controls
Pricing, incentive compensation plans for managers and employees.
We enhance profits with proper tax planning
Extensive experience in proven techniques for Fraud prevention and detection
We deal with Franchise agreements and royalty audits
Plus, all the common accounting, HST and payroll services retailers would expect

All retail clients are basically very similar, and at the same time they remain different within their unique categories, niches markets and focus areas.

We see that usually our perspective of a modern accountant can help evaluate the impact of all decisions on your customers, your profits and keep you ahead with a competitive advantage.

Please contact us to get a perspective on the impact that your decisions have on your profits and to keep your competitive advantage.

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